Hope Rural School is a
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization


Hope Rural School Inc. (1225)
15929 SW 150th Street
Indiantown, FL 34956

Fee Schedule 2023-2024

General Fees

Registration and Book fee: PreK-Grade 5. This fee per student is included in the annual tuition fee of $8500.00.

Tuition: $8,500.00 annually per student in PK through Grade 5. For those who meet our admission criteria, we work with you to make it possible for your child to attend. Tuition scholarships for students in grades K-5 are available through Step Up for Students, to help you meet whatever your tuition costs will be. Annually, we depend on donors, foundations, grants and our annual fundraiser to bridge the gap between what is given through Step Up for Students Assistance. Pk4 students qualify for Voluntary PreK (VPK) funding.

Important Note: Students in PreK 4 under the Florida Voluntary PreK program (VPK) and approved pay none of the above fees for tuition.

All families are encouraged to apply for the Step Up for Students Florida Tax Scholarship program as of 2023-2024